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Budapest Amusement Park

Europe’s oldest merry-go-round, longest wooden roller-coaster, and lots of other games, activities are waiting for the whole family in the Amusement Park of Budapest. The Park is also housing the so called „Happiness Market” now, offering not only delicious foods, snacks and drinks, but also trinkets and other useful and *green* equipments.

in the City Garden

closes in September . . .

All year around

Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

One of the oldest zoo park in the world in the City Garden - a huge park in the heart of Budapest.

All year around

WAMP Hungarian Design Market

Millenaris Park and Ezsebet square once in a month on Sundays





    Renovations in Aventura Boutique Hostel's 100 year old building.
    Renovations in our 100 year old building
    Wed, 2014-11-12 14:08

    Our small hostel is located in a 100 year old ordinary residential building. The owners have voted for renovating the hallway by keeping the original tiles of the floor and reusing the good pieces...

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